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PTC wall goes live!

Welcome to PTC Wall,

We are opening our doors to the world to start getting in the visitors.

What is PTC Wall?

We are here to offer the ptc users a place to come chat, share their love and passion, and best of all help each other make money online.



As you can see when you hit the site, there is alot of space to advertise on. We are only accepting PTC related advetising, as we want to gear it to the right people.


Whats on offer 


This slot is discounted for our opening at $40 for the month. - It will provide a review of the suggested PTC and link to the site ( you may use a referal link )


Here you can add a site link to the you ptc/referal links.


Last but certainly not least  THE PTC WALL!!!

The home page as you can see has a brick wall, buy a brick for as like as $5 for the month, and send people to your ptc/ref link.


To help spread the word, we are going to be advertising PTC Wall on all the PTC sites we can find. And we are working alos on other features on the site to allow you guys and gals to come and earn money while you are here as well

Watch this wall for more updates