Complete Paid Task
If you tried to cheat, you will be banned and your funds will be deleted
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Pay upon approval.: $ 0.1
Your Username: none
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Instructions: 1. Register with your REAL name and info,
2.Send me Whole welcome email with SFI id number included and sponsors name!!!

ONLY one signup per ip. If you are already registered at SFI this offer is not for you.
Fake/funny names and emails using words pay, money, worker, etc will NOT be paid!
Please do all the steeps! Fast approval!

At SFI, you can earn by:

- Simply earn Versa Points by clicking. (VP=Money) 1000VP=$0.40 Click on TO-DO list.
- Duplication, find new members
- Matching point from whole your TEAM!
- Selling at Tripleclicks - You CAN sell anything you want - Click Tripleclicks - ECA
- Online auctions - Win for less than $1 - Click Pricebenders
And much more...

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Terms: All advertiser have 72 hours to approve your submission before they auto-approve. However, after being auto-approved an advertiser has an additional 7 Days to reject and reverse your submission. Falsly submitting tasks will result in a ban from PTCWall.
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